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Human-specific objects, 2014-


Work in progress, mixed media

In diesem Projekt beobachtet die Künstlerin eine Distanz zwischen dem selbstreferentiellen Kunstsystem und ihrer „praktischen“ Umwelt, um herauszustellen, welche Kunst, wenn überhaupt, die Gesellschaft haben will. Die Menschen, die selbst überwiegend keine Künstler sind, werden über ihre Verhältnis zur Kunst informell befragt und auch aufgefordert, die Kunstaufträge zu vergeben und auch gelegentlich mitzugestalten. Aus dieser Auftragsarbeit entsteht eine Art des „alternativen Museums“ , das von einer disparaten „imagined community“ der einzelnen Auftragsgeber de facto kuratiert wind. 

HSO n°1:


„Mountain landscape with a blooming

wild apricot tree;


realist style,soothing colours“

Oil on canvas, wooden frame

HSO n°2:


„Carpet in the shape of an emerald“







        approx.80 cm in diameter, wool

HSO n°3:


" Large-scale painting;


friendly, subtle, refined but also expressive;


between the figurative and the abstract;


biomorphic forms, maybe human figures;


maybe Gerhard Richter Wischtechnik"






Oil on canvas, 170*180



HSO n°4:




" Watercolour on paper, 


warm palette á la Paul Klee


resembling a checkers board


filled with words and letters


in different languages


including cyrillic alphabeth "







Watercolour, 30*40cm




HSO n°5:











Oil on canvas, 103*78




HSO n°6:


Melting Butter


"The butter slowly melting on a plate during a long winter breakfast is a typical experience of many people. For me, this seemingly mundane process embodies the battle between time and space, in which the former, expectedly, gets the upper hand.


As time goes by, a piece of butter irredeemably loses its symmetrical shape. When it is placed back in the fridge, this "back" does not restore its symmetry. Actually, the butter in question cannot become symmetrical by itself anymore, because time that transformed its shape has just one direction, and this asymmetry is stronger than any geometrical symmetry. But on canvas, this unceasing movement from past to future is paradoxically frozen: in this way, a static picture captures the dynamics which actually cannot be visualized."











Oil on canvas, 40"70 cm




HSO n°7:

A light and airy landscape in subtle colour

pallette. Style: between realistic and abstract.

Acrylic on canvas


HSO n°8:

A ceramic bust of a young woman with roses in her hair. Romantic style.


HSO n°9:

A commissioner saw a painting made for another commissioner and wanted to have a similar one with certain adjustments in lighting and style.

Oil on canvas, 140'160

HSO n°10:

A round painting to be hung next to a large window with a sea view - mirroring

this view in a way that adds an extra dynamic space to the room.

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