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Idyllic Rider

2014 -

a painting of an unknown artist, oil and acrylic on canvas,

various dimensions 

Idyllic rider is an open-ended series spinning off from my previous project. Its starting point was the landscape painting acquired by my family long before my birth. This was the first piece of art I have seen, and I saw it every day during the first 19 years of my life.


The project investigates how past can be included into present without using such historicist terms as "tradition"or "artistic heritage". Placing riders painted in various realist manners into a landscape frame, I look for mutual neutralisation of artistic styles, so that pinning an artwork to the specific period is no longer possible. In general terms, this approach reflects my attitude to history in general - "before" is nor more or less valuable than "after", but they can interact in unpredictable ways.   

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