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Handmade Ready-mades  explore the most mundane utilitarian objects using the inventing-of-the-wheel technique. Deeply rooted in the culture I come from, this pseudo-method has both inspired and irritated me at various times. The handmade ready-mades are made by hand without any proper knowledge of the technique, any research or any ambition to express beauty. Predictably, The Raisin and Lavabo contain too many technical faux pas to stand for a ‘normal’ table and a ‘standard’ washbasin. However, learning by doing seems to be the only way to endow things with individual memories - and let them tell their very own stories...



The Raisin, 2008

 wood, wood glue, raisin









This is one of the cases when a small, fragile, naturally evolving ego of a raisin silently triumphs over a solid, seasoned, hand-made practicality of a desk. This triumph touches upon the viewer, triggering his (or her) personal engagement in a way untypical for classical art: the temptation to "finish" the project by placing the raisin "back" to "its" cavity might prove irresistible.


















Lavabo, 2013

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