Bonjour, soleil, 2020

Departing from visual arts embodied in dance techniques, the project, developed in collaboration with Tcheckpo Dance Company ( and John Kameel Farah (, explores the immediate contact between human beings and nature in various cultural modalities, time, age and perspective variations. Landscape is seen in the project not only as a form of art, but also as the space carved out from physical reality by human sight. It is also shown as an active, dynamic environment, transformed by collective, rhythmic human activities from sowing (as in Jean-François Millet’s Les Glaneuses/The Gleaners (1857)) to dancing and, inversely, imprinting its shape on those populating it. 


The actual performance consists of dance stills, presenting kinetic, movable versions of well-known works of visual art against the backdrop of music associated with different landscape traditions. For example, the sun salutation is accompanied by Maurice Ravel’s Bolero (1928) orchestrated as a singing of birds - the counterpoint of pecker and a chorus of nightingales. 

Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-04 um