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2024- ongoing



My friend volcano is a series of short videos based on the true story of a refugee woman dreaming of becoming a pastry chef. Besides the videos, this work includes a collection of recipes for different cakes developed at different stages of her life and used to get over difficulties by means of baking. Both cakes and videos themselves develop into an authentic but slightly idealised narrative, based on the human need to channel the explosiveness of reality into the tamed stream of illusory constructs. This narrative sedation is contrasted to the unchained power of critical development in humans and nature, illustrated by the videos of the never-ending volcano explosion on Stromboli (Italy). 

Stromboli, 2023, photography, ©Irina Valkova

Screenshot 2024-03-02 at 11.42.38.png

My friend volcano, 2024, video still

Screenshot 2023-02-01 at

Ivy Cake, 2023, photography, ©Viktoria Satsyk

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