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           "...In the fog the yellow becomes green and the red turns yellow..."

                                      Site-specific installation,2009


The project is realised at the former military airfield Werneuchen (20 km northeast from Berlin). Its starting point is the colourful original poster from the DDR period “Instructions for Moving in a Thick Fog During the Tempestuous Weather” (5,7 x 3,2 m, 1960s-1970s), painted on the wall of the dilapidated hangar and containing driving instructions in Russian for the case of adverse weather conditions.




                        The installation includes:


1) the poster’s reproduction and creative translation into German on the opposite side of the hangar;


2) 100 m-long stripe between the original and the copy of the poster, broom-swept through the thick layer of dust on the hangar’s floor;


3) 72 glass plates, placed on the floor in controlled disorder in order to link various sides of the building’s architecture (for instance, the missing window plates).


Unexpectedly, local gangs became furtively involved in the project: during its construction on-site, they nearly destroyed the original poster, covering it with expansive graffiti, smashing some of the remaining windows, and stealing the broom.

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