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         Instead of Apocalypse, 2021- ongoing
             participatory project supported by 
                Ministry of Innovation, Science and Research (NRW)


Panorama IA_1, 2022. Oil on canvas, 290'90cm

The project deals with the history of human gaze directed at nature. For this reason, I am revisiting the genre of landscape painting as one of the most important sources of information on nature and its perception. No other genre captures so vividly the paradoxical history of relations between humans and their natural environment. Whereas the high society both adored and alienated nature, the industrial agriculture brought it to the verge of extinction. Even the Asian cultures which, generally speaking, abhor self-aggrandisement and therefore eschew central perspective in painting, succumb more and more to this trend. My idea is to restore the "ideal" landscape before its alienation by activating personal memories and fantasies about it.

The project consists of  interviews with people of different ages and cultural backgrounds. On the basis of our conversations I produce a series of

landscape panorama paintings  exhibited in the context of video interviews and some plant objects.

The project realisation has been possible thanks to many people who shared with me their landscape phantasies.

Instead of Apocalypse, 2022. Video, 10:58


Rice field samples 1 and 2. Organic German rice, glass containers

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