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curatorial project at Kunstforum Hermann Stenner, 
Bielefeld, Germany


Rows rhymes waves/

/Simultaneity of the non-simultaneous


The starting point of this exhibition is a photograph by Vincent Böckstiegel depicting numerous deaconesses. What one actually sees in the picture are the hood waves, which swing like the notes of a minimalist musical score.

The exhibition envisions a space in which the hidden faces turn towards the viewer, with the waves creating the 'mass ornament' (Siegfried Kracauer) on an old photograph flowing into a contemporary landscape.

By linking the old and the new, the familiar and the exotic, the original and the copy, the exhibited works fulfil the goal of art which, according to Gilles Deleuze, “represents repetitions with their differences in style and rhythm, their respective shifts and disguises". The simultaneity of the non-simultaneous, which enables and structures history, is embodied in rhymes and series emerging in space.


Participating artists:


Magdalene Bischinger, Friedefrau Deutsch, Sabine Ehlers, Rike Goll, Ute + Paul Grohs, Ulrich Heemann, Hektor, Andrea Köhn, Elisabeth Lasche, Igor Oster, Susanne Pantoja, Irmgard Pricker, Anne-Christin Radeke, Claudia Reismann, Horst Rottjakob-Stöwer, Angelika Schneider Von Maydell, Martin Scholz, Ralph Slowik, Alexandra Sonntag, Joachim Stäbler, Maria Visser, Gisela Wäschle, Andreas Wilhelm Wien.




My special thanks to the Stattgalerie and Kunstforum Teams, Kulturamt Bielefeld and Bürgerstiftung  for organisational and financial support and Christiane Heuwinkel for inspiration and synergy. 

Foto: Vincent Böckstiegel, 

Animated by Irina Valkova


Exhibition view with works of Maria Visser (ceramics) and Angelika Schneider von Maydell (paintings)


Screenshot 2023-09-25 at 13.54.29.png
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