Between Hand and Eye, 2020 

Linguists maintain that our language, and even our system of thought, consists of numerous minimal differences: we can only tell what life is by telling it from death, define “dark blue” in relation to “light blue”. But what about the visual language lacking a proper grammar and freely mixing up various sign systems? Does it create its own binary oppositions between forms, colors and states from scratch, or rather relies on what has already been said, thought and written? 

Without giving a firm answer, the project ponders upon some popular contradistinctions (such as natural/artifical), inviting viewers to search for them without giving too many clues. At the end, the minimal differences, vaguely suggested in the artworks, could only flourish - or fade - in the eye of the beholder. 


An arrangement of real and artificial tulips on the 2d of January, oil on canvas, 2021


Peaches/Nectarines, oil on canvas, 2020