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La città del sole, 2013 

Site-specific installation in a Bauhaus bathroom, Dessau

Hallo, Goodbye: Fragen und Antworten zur Gegenwärtigkeit des Bauhaus-Mythos,  in collaboration between Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin and Bauhaus Foundation


The constellation of "filmstrips" hovering over the bathtub replicates the contours of the Bauhaus main building. This translucent version of a house, made of light and air, has no walls. It embodies the communication system that shaped Bauhaus architectonically and, to some extent, ideologically.

In order to produce a summary physical reflection of Bauhaus optics and semantics, an abstract idea was pulled out of what remains of the Bauhaus system. It is this unpolished dialogue between a mirror and the mirrored that brings the faded utopia back to life.

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